Four Hot Real Estate Areas in Florida

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America’s housing market is heating up, lining the wallets of the financially wise with well-earned returns. New housing initiatives driven by renewed interest in ownership are sparking lucrative markets nationwide, and pockets of prime property are springing to life across numerous highly appealing locations.

The key to an ideal housing market a steady, sustained boost in value. Few locations nationwide match the healthy growth and vitality of the Florida region’s real estate markets. Fueled by the statewide cultivation of new employment opportunities, better roads, higher school district ratings and other homeowner incentives such as lower tax and mortgage rates, the rise of the Sunshine State’s markets has resulted in the investment prospects of several Florida locations receiving stellar ratings from respected real-estate websites. Trulia and Forbes both awarded Florida substantial space on their most recent “10 Hottest Markets” lists, and the expert consensus bodes well for the Florida market. Anyone looking to capitalize on Florida’s property opportunities might consider picking up property in the following Florida locations.


Taking first place on Trulia’s top 10 assessment, the Jacksonville area is shaping up to become a diamond mine for sharp investors, reporting a 3.8% increase in job growth from last year. Jacksonville has also played host to a flood of new residents, fueling interest in community growth. Jacksonville-based real estate agent Michael Paull attributes the area’s upswing to “long-term economic stability, great schools, fantastic weather, and proximity to the ocean.

Palm Beach

Excellent school systems, a thriving local economy, and numerous dining, shopping and recreational offerings make Palm Beach a great candidate for investment. Prospects in locations like Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Juno Beach and Tequesta are looking positive thanks to a population growth rate of double the national average, and spikes in local business development.


Regarding the Tampa market’s outlook, South Tampa realtor Terry Knight says: “With major developments like the Vinick-Cascade project being built in downtown Tampa, major jobs are being created,” stimulating value. In 2016, Tampa area investors reported above average returns of around 17.62%, an improvement due also in part to the close proximity of colleges such as the University of South Florida and University of Tampa.

Cape Coral/Fort Myers 

Nourished by a blossoming hospitality industry, the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area boasts the fourth highest rate of job growth in the nation. Shrewd investors should consider this market, since its value is rooted in its beautiful weather, close proximity to pristine beaches, and a springtime stampede of baseball fans (the area hosts the spring training programs of both the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins).